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While there are a number of other home security measures that can be implemented at lower cost, more and more of us are turning to closed circuit television (CCTV) to protect our homes and businesses.

Aside from the obvious deterrent to would-be burglars (most criminals who burgle are looking for an easy target; a property they can break into quickly, take something of value, and leave without being detected) CCTV on your property can deter other criminal activities such as bogus callers, sneak thieves, distraction thieves, vandalism, arson, anti-social behaviour, and so the list goes on…

In 2015, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe promoted the use of CCTV, saying that cameras should be installed by homeowners and businesses to help detectives solve crimes.

SMILE wannabe criminal – not only have you been caught on camera, the recorded image has been encrypted with time and date and can be used against you as evidence to prosecute!

The main advantage of High definition (HD) CCTV is that it can provide higher resolution images, there are more pixels available. Our 1080p HD dome cameras have over 2 million pixels per frame as opposed to 400 thousand pixels found in a standard definition image.

In practical terms using HD 1080p means you increase the effective range of the camera by about 1.9 times and the effective width of coverage by approximately 2.6 times compared to standard definition resolution CCTV – in layman’s terms this means that you can cover a wider area and still identify people.

The downside to HD is that 1080p cameras produce 5 times more data than Standard definition (SD) cameras meaning that you will need 5x more hard drive capacity to store the HD images. CAVHIL CCTV packages include a larger HD capacity in the DVR to ensure that a minimum of 4 weeks continuous real time HD images will be recorded. If you need more than this then just ask us!

CAVHIL Limited Security Advisors can work with you to design a CCTV solution that provides the best value for your budget and fits your home or business requirements.

Remote Viewing

View your live or recorded images from anywhere in the world via smart device or laptop. Our installers will configure this for you!

Professional Installation

Our Installers have over 20 years experience so you're in good hands. All systems are bespoke and fitted to suit your requirements, not ours!

Carefree Purchase

3 year product warranty on the hardware and 
5 year insurance-backed guarantee on the installation - Buy with complete peace of mind!


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