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Although we know that burglaries occur (2017 crime statistics show a 9% increase in police recorded burglary offences compared with the previous year) generally we do not believe that this will happen to us.

Often people wait until the horse has bolted before closing the stable door whereas the best way to secure your home is to deter criminals by making your property an unattractive target which will go a long way towards preventing the burglary from happening in the first place!

According to homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures - and number 3 on their list is installing a visual burglar alarm. We supply and install wired and wireless Intruder Alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties. They are pet friendly, easy to use, keyfob and/or Smartphone App operated and in the event of alarm activiation will either auto-dial your pre-selected list of phone numbers or when combined with our monitoring package will trigger a keyholder response with our monitoring centre which is linked to the emergency services.

Overestimating how safe your home security levels are can easily lead to a level of misplaced complacency in how you use your home. As a result intruders take advantage of this and see your oversight as an invitation to make themselves at home… in your home! This is why CAVHIL Limited offer a free security assessment where one of our Security Advisors will review your existing security measures with you to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. Contact us today and see how your home or premises could benefit from being more secure.

24x7 Monitored Alarm

A Hybrid Monitored Alarm provides 24 hour protection against Burglary, Fire and Personal Safety (via panic button)

Professional Installation

Our Installers have over 20 years experience so you're in good hands. All systems are bespoke and fitted to suit your requirements, not ours!

Carefree Purchase

3 year product warranty on the hardware and 
5 year insurance-backed guarantee on the installation - Buy with complete peace of mind!

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