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Servicing and Monitoring


Domestic and Commercial Intruder Alarms should be serviced regularly to maintain them in good working order. A regular service will help to prevent false activations and an annual service is also a requirement of some home insurance policies. Fully testing your system will pre-empt future problems and avoid unnecessary call-out costs for repairs; in fact 24/7 emergency remote support, no additonal call-out home visit fees and all replacement parts are included in our servicing package.


A bell-only alarm can act as a deterrent to burglars. If activated, it will probably reduce the length of time an intruder will remain in your home or business and it will bring attention to the fact there’s potentially a break-in occuring. But unfortunately this does rely on you or your neighbours hearing and responding to it. If the alarm went off when your home or business was unoccupied there might not be anyone around to respond. This is the time when a monitored alarm can be a substantial benefit.

Combining a monitoring package with our Hybrid Intruder Alarm means that your property is being protected day and night against burglary, fire and personal safety regardless whether you are there or not. Servicing is essential to ensure the good running of a monitored alarm so we automatically include servicing as part of our monitoring package.

When the alarm is triggered (either via a motion, contact or heat and smoke detector or the personal safety panic button has been used) a signal is sent to our UK-based monitoring centre to alert us to the fact that there’s potentially a problem at your premises. Our monitoring centre will attempt to contact you and in the event of no contact we will engage keyholder response and if necessary the emergency services.

A Hybrid Monitored Alarm is an excellent way to help protect your loved ones, possessions and property. If you'd like to find out more about either our Servicing or Monitoring packages then please contact us.

24x7 Monitored Alarm

A Hybrid Monitored Alarm provides 24 hour protection against Burglary, Fire and Personal Safety (via panic button)

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Our Installers have over 20 years experience so you're in good hands. All systems are bespoke and fitted to suit your requirements, not ours!

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3 year product warranty on the hardware and 
5 year insurance-backed guarantee on the installation - Buy with complete peace of mind!

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